The sales game may be different from past times when door to door salesman strolled down sidewalks and approached front doors dodging yard dogs and water puddles, but one common thread remains the same even now in modern day consumer meets salesperson situations, the ability to close the sale remains the top priority. Impulse buys are the most common lures when it comes to tagging on the extras as consumers always find it necessary to pick up a snack or two before daunting through the exit doors of most retail outlets. Who has not ever picked up a candy bar, pack of gum, or a cold drink just before cashing out? The extras even on impulse add up major, if you consider the bottom line, as far as overall sales go by department. Still, that is not where most executives want a sales persons focus. That aspect of retail will sort of take care of itself. Visualization and a concentrated selection of popular items will most likely do the trick. Executives are more concerned with how to provide the customer with an experience.

Thinking about an experience is broad and it should be. Exceptional customer service, pleasant attitudes, ease of access, store design, merchandise availability, and even dress code make up that experience for consumers. An experience done right means customer satisfaction and in turn repeat business. Executives are labeling the experience as Delight, and many are asking what is the net move in customer engagement? The answer to that is not easy, but perfecting all of the fore mentioned parts of the experience is certainly a good beginning. It's a good place to start. Caring about every aspect involved with making a sale will help ensure that closing it happens and customers will want to come back again and again. Customer satisfaction equals delight, and the easiest way to ensure that it happens is to encourage everyone to always try to improve on a personal and professional level. That's how growth really happens.