Who in the blink told you that a wink and a smile would get you everywhere, if you did it right? Putting your lash strategy on does not have to be done for the sole purpose of flattering for a cause. Getting your lashes right should mean much more to you, and for most women lash looks are an essential part of their make-up routine. Essence Magazine cited a survey conducted by Cover Girl Cosmetics "if women were forced to choose only one cosmetic, more than 50 percent would select mascara", according to Sarah Vickery, PH.D and Scientist over at Cover Girl. "Mascara now makes that immediate impact" the wands were covered in detail, and since we are all about the eyes and lips over at Abornewords, we analyzed the entire piece written by Teri Agins just so that we could build up to a new product that will surely take your fake and flutter to a new wink. Before I tell you about it though, I must get back to how you work your magic with the wands. Truly, if it is a wand thing that will help maximize your lash look, learning to use your power brush right is a must. Okay so you finally have the one that is just right for you. Now I want you to focus on technique. Alfred Fornay goes in deep in his book The African American Woman's Guide to Successful Make-up and Skin Care.

Fornay states that "There is a formulation that comes as cream" as far as proper technique goes. Fornay recommends that women with semi-straight lashes use a horizontal stroke unlike women with very curly lashes who should you a vertical wand stroke. Illustrations are included! His book takes you on an amazing journey as he details make-up and skin care down to a science. Professionals and novices will find this book useful. Fornay knows beauty and fashion and we know how to spot products that are fresh, fun, and innovative. A new way to faking it has just gotten better with the latest falsies to hit the beauty market. Paperself is what is hot for your eyes right now, if you are enhancing away from topical applications and mascaras. The inspiration for these according to the creative mind(s) behind the concept comes from 19th century French Bobbin Lace. Reading that really made me want to dish about these shapely and fanciful false eyelashes by Paperself. Take a look for yourself!

PAPERSELF Peacock Eyelashes
Peacock Lashes
PAPERSELF Deer & Butterfly Eyelashes
Deer & Butterfly
PAPERSELF Small Under The Sea Eyelashes
Small Under the Sea
PAPERSELF Small Peach Blossom Eyelashes
Small Peach Blossom

These are the new in eyelash technology (beauty jargon) for lash decor. If you take a look at this 17th century Bobbin Lace Panel, you'll see how the concept and inspiration by Paperself comes to life.

There are so many different designs available in two different sizes to meet your need. The packaging looks similar to jewelry gift boxes small enough for little trinkets. How cute! The large eyelashes can be cut to fit your lashes just right. Perfect for decorating the outer wing of the eyelash, or you can just purchase the smaller size which is used on the lower lashes as well. These lashes are so versatile. High fashion, hair show models, and of course any lady who wants to make a statement with her eyes. An over the top attitude is not needed to pull off a Paperself look because that's not what makes these lashes so special. The concept and presentation sells the lashes easy. Paperself is perfect for anyone who takes their eye game seriously. I won't make you pinky promise to buy Paperself, but I will ask you to do something else. When you feel like you have gotten your eye game to the point of perfection, I want you to look in the mirror. Then, I want you to wink!  These fabulous lashes are available at Sephora.