Talking with your child is like second nature when addressing topics like the birds and the bees as their bodies and emotions are changing, and as they grow up and take their rightful places in society as responsible adults naturally their admiration will lead them away from the parent(s) as hero, and their attention will likely be focused on someone who inspires or interest them in someway. Keeping with that idea, the talks that were once conducted by parents will probably take place with a mentor or even a friend. That's not uncommon, so don't feel left out. Be happy that your child has grown up and has found a way to get the support she needs in order to live a healthy life.

With that said , it's high time that we had this talk, and I'm really sorry that we are not having this discussion under an apple tree over tea or hot chocolate with good pastry available on a silver platter. Oh well, just get comfortable and gather your goodies and then come and finish this read. Approach this situation with great anticipation that you will be changed or expect that it will bring you some satisfaction or peace. This is for all women who are either pregnant now or planning to be in the future. Life is not over and all is not lost when your baby bump rises. If you are use-to being that hot girl and now you realize that you must slow your road when it comes to booty shorts, high heels, and provocative dance moves, thank God for the belly. (smile) That is a lot to live up to even on a high energy day. Nobody is saying to stop being creative and dolling up, but you should tone it down when it comes to the extreme one way or the other. Now is the time to enjoy what you have. I know things are changing, but you have to keep it together. Tuck, poke, and please stay composed. Also, do not be afraid to do some different things with your wardrobe choices. Live up to your own expectations and feel comfortable about all of your decisions. Wasting time worrying is only going to cause you to miss out on all the fun of being pregnant or being in the moment.

The time is getting close, so decide what shows you are going to and coordinate outfits with your loved ones. Have fun and most of all be happy. You will have plenty of time to worry about all the things associated with being a new mother when that time arrives. Now what do we want to celebrate? Pick something, anything, and get the cake and ice cream out and grub! This may not be something you expected, but it is something that is useful. Find the value in it and feel alive.