There are all kinds of fabulous hairstyles being featured on the heads of females throughout America and abroad because as women we take our hair game serious. From weaves to wigs or extensions to braids, we all take so much pride in doing hair big with eyecatching stylish manes. A shaved up kitchen, neatly lined for short styles similar to a Halle Berry look or long silky, shiny straight hair, a Naomi Campbell signature look is what sets trends that have ladies running to get their hair whipped at the salon. Still, when trips to the beauty parlor are less frequent due to lack of money or personal choice, what are you to do for those bad hair days?

Well for starter you have options. If you are a smart observant chic who really loves the results you get when going to your favorite stylist, you have already taken it upon yourself to observe the technique of your hairstylist. The knowledge you have gained (no matter how small) is what can be used to try as a guide to restore some type of order to your crown topping. Sure it does require some talent to pull it off, and hopefully your skill will live up to your own expectations. Self styling may not be your strong suite, so the best alternative and most common choice outside of sporting one of your favorite wigs is to get your hat gear out and on.Every woman who has ever had a bad hair day has at some point rocked a mean hat or two. Going ball park is not the only option available for hat grabbers. Don't get me wrong going Yankee (a mans favorite) is one of the most popular trends around, but for women it is just a go to extra. We have so many other casual hatter styles like beanies (popular for men too) that keep us looking fresh and trendy. Adidas hats have caught my eye because of styles like the Brimmer pictured below.

Adidas Women's On The Edge Brimmer Beanie

 adidas Women's Frostie Brimmer Hat

 adidas Women's Wintern Military Beanie Hat


Seriously, I have always loved hats because wearing a hat kind of says something about your personality. For women and of course I include myself, sporting a hat gives us an edge. A goes without saying impression that shows an I am not too prissy attitude. I learned early that if I wanted to play with boys, I had to be girly enough to hug and edgy enough to watch a ball game and spin a few tops. (See here for the kind of spinning tops I spun as a kid) Understanding that helped me to create balance in my personal friendships later on and it proved to be very useful. On hair again, never be too alarmed when your strands go wrong, just try to choose the right hat to cover up your out of control strands until you can make it back to that spinning glory chair at your local salon.