Beauty myths or beauty secrets are shared all over the internet by various brands and other people too.  We want to look our best so that we will feel good about ourselves, but are our Beauty Advisors really spilling the beans on all the tricks of the trade?  For example, many female consumers purchase their hair color from drugstores because they want it quick and easy, and they also don't want their best friend to know how many times they actually color their hair.  Or maybe it's the husband that she is hiding her hair coloring secrets from.  I'm not judging anyone's beauty secrets. It's really healthy to have them.  How we get to that popping look takes quite a few trial and error episodes, so why tell everything.  Watch as this young lady shares as much as she can in 4 minutes.  Watch it!

So what if the fake eyelashes aren't yours, and those hair pieces are only an extension of who you are so wear them out. Telling everyone all of your secrets is not a requirement! The Vasoline trick is safe with me, if you just have to tell it, I'm all ears. This all sounds typical and funny, but it's harmless either way. As we age, it's only natural that our bodies will change and we won't be totally the same. Eventually, we all reach a point when sharing our secrets does not make a difference. What becomes more important is helping someone else to make improvements. A good place to start is E Salon.  See below how it works

If privacy is what you want when it comes to coloring your hair then go for E Salon and you won't be sorry you did. You will be given the opportunity to choose automatic recurring deliveries. The Hair Styler is another virtual tool that can help you get your look right in the privacy of your own home. It's perfect for those times when you are uncertain about a particular look. Gentlemen you are not excluded, take some of the advise listed above because I know many of you have your own beauty secrets as well. Your man girdle and under armour secrets are nothing to fret about. It's all about doing what makes you feel on point. All that padded body gear looks good on you, so don't share your secret if apprehension keeps you quiet. Eastbay is a great place to get everything you need. From sneakers to compression tanks, and don't forget the concealer for those facial blemishes. Shh! Shh!