As the saying goes sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. You may believe those words or totally reject them, your decision is do either is a personal choice. However, in case you happen to really end up injured not by the words of some malicious deviant using negative language who resist any form of amicable behavior, but by a real flesh wound, bruises, or an abrasion, happening by accident or during your morning run, at the hands of some barbaric individual in a park or on a city street. In both cases nursing your wound(s) would be necessary. Depending on the location of the injury, you may even be concerned about the visibility of scarring. Sure, there are a lot of products on the market so you can pretty much roll the dice and take your pick, but I would not recommend such a casual approach when considering topical products.

Safety is my first concern, as you may already know. I've mentioned product safety and also provided you with information on how to report any issues that you may experience with cosmetic products to the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). The popular pattern of consumer spending is directed toward organic and all natural products. The popular pattern of consumer spending is directed toward organic and all natural products these days, aiming for the most simple ingredients. Take a look at a product from Dr. Holmquist Healthcare called Bruise Relief that is known for it's ability to help reduce the appearance of bruises and many customers are boasting about it's all natural ingredients.

Bruise Relief Gel Tube 2 fl oz

Bruise Relief contains only distilled water, glycerin, vitamin E oil, evening primose oil and carbomer (an expanded molecule). The indications are as follows: ,

  • bruises to body and face
  • dark crcles under eye
  • fragile skin (elderly)

Less is more in cases where consumers search for meanin g in ingredients. Many consumer even equate quantity to quality with less ingredients ranking as more favorable. In addition to the Bruise Relief Gel, a serum is also available. Take a look!

Bruise Relief Serum - 2.3 oz.

For the serum go to To get the Gel go to your local drugstore or here for more details.

Please note that in addition to all of the fore mentioned uses, Bruise Relief can also be used after Cosmetic Procedures, so all of my in patient out patient Botox babes will love it.