Originally, this post spot was reserved for my next post, but one of my favorite sources leaked footage about a new sneaker from a well known Rapper, Run of the group known as Run DMC. Credited by many as being responsible for the Adidas proliferation in the Black Community after the release of their hit song My Adidas in the early 90's. Contrary to what you may believe, as far as we know Adidas is not involved with the release of the new Run Athletics Sneaker being sold at Sears Department Stores, but there is an active rumor going around in the community. Apparently, there is talk that Adidas wants to release a Millennial Sneaker with Rev Run's son Diggy, the new Rap sensation from the family full of stars. Not surprising is the fact that all of his children are featured on episodes of Run's House, an MTV favorite show in most households with school-age children because of its genuine content that reveals real life struggles and lessons learned amid family relationships and life in the famous lane. Rev Run labeled (prosperity preacher by brother Russell Simmons) leads his family on the show and gives advice to Americans as the scenes play out their larger than life personalities. Americans can take notes from this Rapper Daddy and business moguls Bathtub Philosophy that is laced with Biblical teachings to grow on and live by. I could hear Justine Simmons (his wife) now knocking for her beloved saying something like Joey Adidas is on the phone. Can you hear her too? Not mentioning the good Rev Run after an Adidas post is like not mentioning Della Reese when you mention accidental gun shots. It's unheard of and highly unlikely to happen.