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Virgin Reborn or Not so Strong?

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, October 1, 2011, In : Health 

Can a virgin really be reborn? We got into a discussion about this topic here at Abornewords after watching a clip featuring Anna Faris on David Letterman, and I was on the fence at first. Once a woman takes the leap to become sexually active can she ever make it back to some type of purity? Clearly there is a line that has been crossed that takes her out of the class of the none. I realized quickly that thinking about purity should not even be in the equation because it's really about making...

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End Stuffy Noses and Soothe the Sniffles

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, September 24, 2011, In : Health 

Does Goose Grease and Honey ring a bell or maybe you just mixed up a batch for flu season?  What is in your medicine cabinet and how do you decide which medications will lace the shelves of that limited space? I really want you to think about the medical products you own and their contents before I tell you why you need Noxzema on your grocery list and in your medicine cabinet.


By now I hope you are curious because here is the nosy scoop for a little assistance with your respriatory ailm...

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