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Arm Surgery 2 Guy Games And Face Time

Posted by Nicole K. on Friday, October 28, 2011, In : Recreation 

To much of a good thing is never good just because of the tendency to fall into habits that might not be good for you. The debate over to much or television, video games, or computer time has been on going for quit some time. Some parents are really confused at what to do about their children's face time in all of the forementioned situations. Many experts and parents alike feel that children should be spending more time on reading or other physical activity.

An abstract of a study conducted...

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Movies, Movies, Movies

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, September 24, 2011, In : Recreation 

DVD rental centers like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video were taken by storm when Netflix tapped into their profits by offering movie lovers various monthly plans for their favorite movie rentals. The only drawback is that for instances where mailing movies is required, the wait time takes away the instant gratification of viewing without delay. However it seemed to balance out because of the convenience of internet viewing. Next came the automated movie peddling machine, Red Box.

What made lot...

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