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Terrific Tuesdays: Considering Characteristics and Comfort and Dressing Down A Look with Flats

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, October 25, 2011, In : Shoes 

On the high or the low, heels do not mix with every woman. Certainly their good on occasion, but please for your sake consider your footsies. Anyone of you (executives, teachers, and even you assistants) with the desk jobs who has ever changed into a pair of comfortable flats, you realize truly that heels have their place. Come on though, who does not want to have comfortable feet? You may not remember the piece I did called New Trend For Women Who Love Shoes Heels and Ugg were featured with...

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New Trend For Women Who Love Shoes

Posted by Nicole K. on Friday, August 5, 2011, In : Shoes 
Leah Remini brought us the funny on Kings of Queens in character as the confident and bold Carrie Heffernan, but these days she's getting cozy on the new CBS round table The Talk, so let's speak on it!  Can you say conversation rival The View?  Besides the different personalities on The Talk that includes the well known Mrs. O, the show makes for a seasoned afternoon treat loaded with opinionated, charismatic broads with style and attitude.  Their flavor is a lot different than anything you a...
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