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Don't Stop London Fog: Upgrade Your Coat Choices For Style

Posted by Nicole K. on Tuesday, November 15, 2011, In : Winter Fashion 

For every woman who has ever gone shopping for the perfect winter coat, you have to know that every closet has to have a Classic Trench in it to ensure that winter is done right every Fall season. London Fog is all I ever knew as far as Classic Trench Brand Names go. I only owned a couple of these in my lifetime. One was a gift that I didn't have the liberty to purchase myself, so I don't even know how much it cost. The other one I purchased at a super bargain price from a local Thrift Store ...

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More Mondays: Luxury Divas Infinity Turtle Neck Scarf

Posted by Nicole K. on Monday, October 31, 2011, In : Winter Fashion 

In Florida, the Weather can be so beautiful at times. Temperatures are often perfect for the beach even during the winter months. However one thing we Floridians know firsthand is that Florida's weather can also be unpredictable. Cold weather for three days of the week and hot weather for the other four days.  That sporadic zigzag type of weather is what we have grown accustomed too living in The Sunshine State. Now what we have realized is that bundling up during winter is sometimes a hassle...

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