NBC has Cedric the Entertainer holding all the cards, but for Cedrics early fans who enjoyed his comedic style and big personality on the Steve Harvey Show, his new approach in this serious presentation of the funny may be lacking the familiar attraction that opened the door for him to claim his fame.  Hosting is not new to the comedian great either because he actually hosted a BET show dedicated to comedians on the come up called Comic View.  Recently, he was labeled as being a part of an ongoing trend that finds comedians in the spotlight on the Game Show Strip.  As you may well know, his Kings of Comedy comrade Steve Harvey has taken over as Family Feuds new face of funny, and he does not disappoint. He slips a joke or two in every chance he gets. Can Cedric the Entertainer compete with Steve Harvey and deliver the funny when the stakes are high? The question really isn't whether he can still deliver the funny because he has shown time and time again that he is capable of getting tickle me laughter out of just about any crowd. After all, his comedic presence did take him all the way to the White House Now he has to answer to the fans who are wondering if he has gotten to big for his White House britches.

In this new comedic day on NBC's It's Worth What? Cedric the Entertainer is presenting a demeanor that seems a little bourgeois and overly proper in some instances. Is his more serious and sophisticated stage presence a little over the top? Watch the clip below to see what you think of Cedric the Entertainer.

Now for fans who have experienced their own transitions in life, his style may be appealing, but what about those finger pointers who may call him a sell out for showing off his high and mighty, sure of himself attitude? Tough fan love is how he should respond! Give it to them even more! Transitions are a healthy way to present your character in the mist of new ideas. No matter what you determine, Cedric the Entertainer has changed his game, and his new strategy apparently is to attract a new fanbase among the new money and old money crowd. Cedric is a welcome encore for people who are elevating their status, and he will also be getting laughs out of the old money crowd. So if you're on the come up or just making your money work for you, you don't wanna miss him on It's Worth What. You'll see big ticket items and lot's of free money being shown around! Watch every Tuesday night on NBC.