There are more fish in the sea does not only apply to the nice pool of catchings that will land you another companion. Right now, more fish in the sea is taking on a whole new meaning; landing out of the dating pool and onto my feet.  My new favorite kicks are called Champion Pace Step.  As a former Rocawear Shoe lover, I can tell you these sneakers trumph.  Toe room is what I value most in my shoes, and after wearing these sneakers for only about a week, I can honestly say, my feet have been missing a few of the extras.  Champion Pace Step is a Fitness Sneaker, and it delivers support, elevation, improved posture, superior equilibrium, and more intensity during my workouts.  That's everything I need and more than I expected. I had no idea what I was in for when I walked into that Payless Shoe Store, but I went in to browse and only peep at my new shoe love. Sounds serious I know, and it was. The condition of my Rocawear Shoes forced me into a purchase. The toe room was fine, but they were so worn to ground level on the sole. Needless to say, depleted support and no comfort during my long standing stints. Now you understand my desperation.

I never anticipated that I would be walking out with some new kicks. As I stated before, all I really wanted to do was get a look at them once again. Just being in there was a step further than my normal window shopping, so imagine my shocking reaction when I saw the price tag at half off the regular retail. Grab and go! And I sure did. My arms went forward almost involuntarily, and before I knew it, the bright colored Champion box was in my hands. Remembering the poor condition of my Rocawear Shoes, it was a no brainer. I had no choice; I needed these shoes bad! The sole caught my eye first. It was platform thick, and really reminded me of the Sketchers that I had seen in many of the magazines and catalogs. I only recently became aware that Champion offered a shoe almost identical to the Sketcher. The purchase was inevitable, so I decided on color, choosing brown and cream, and inspected them without trying them on. Then I headed to the counter ready to reach into my purse for the plastic. Finally, it was done, and I must say, I breathe a sigh of relief. It was a way to break free, to start fresh and anew. My stride has changed for the better. I'm more poised and conscious of how I move. Stepping carefully and with more equilibrium. A lot has changed in such a short time. All I can say is, I went from uneasy and imbalanced to upright and steady. Now when I'm standing and moving around for hours at a time, it's just like I'm levitating. These sneakers are amazing!

The price is right too, at only half of what you pay for Sketchers. Sacrificing quality is not an issue either, my experience with sneakers has me assured that I will get at least a few years wear out of these babies. Another feature that I love besides the platform design of the sole is: the composition of the mesh upper. It gives and really forms to the shape of my foot. I'm telling you it's like a heavenly treasure; I never worry about my bunion, and there's no pressure like that which you sometimes get form shoes with leather uppers. To tight for me! I'll just stick with my Champion Sneakers because my feet need to be pampered. If you buy these sneakers you won't be sorry. Described as having exceptional cushioning and shock absorption. That's it in a nutshell. Thanks Hanes and Champion
for creating a sneaker that truly works for my lifestyle and personality. The Champion Pace Step is so me!