It's no surprise that all to often ice cream is the break up comfort food of choice when things go wrong and relationships end abruptly.  We'll variety never hurt anybody and I'm not talking Neapolitan either!  How about nothing in a bowl, and out of your favorite slippers for a little trip.  The ice cream binge is dead, and an alternative course takes you down a path leading to everything diary.  What?  Let me share an idea for a good time.  Instead of staying home feeling sorry for yourself, travel to a diary farm or factory and experience something more than what is in your dessert dish.  The top five picks from CNN include Hansen's Dairy in Hudson, Iowa, Ben & Jerry's in Waterbury, Vermont, Boulder Ice Cream (organic) in Boulder, Colorado, Homeland Creamery in Julian, North Carolina, and Hilmar Cheese Company (Family fun Ice Cream Activity) in Hilmar, California.  My favorite ice cream maker was not listed, but this video will explain everything.  Watch below


Blue Bell Creamery

The Banana Pudding flavored Blue Bell Ice cream is an Abornewords favorite. We have it on all of our special occasions too. Attending any one of these ice cream tours would be a treat, and a wonderful way to sort through any left over bitterness that you may be carrying around from your failed relationship. Getting out and doing fun things can help to get you back in the swing of the single life scene, and that's why an Ice cream tour is a better option than a binge. It's time to put the past behind you, and you do not have to do it at a night club with a drink in hand. Pack up the car, take the kids, go with a friend, or adventure alone. There's plenty to see! For information about Blue Bell's tour call 1-800-327-8135.