Careful examination of behavior of a flirt is what you want to look at and measure against your own beliefs and standards because each persons boundaries will be a little different. A line should always exist when it comes to determining appropriate behavior as it relates to action(s) and comments. Flirting is much different than a simple compliment. Other clues are usually happening when words are being spoken or in the absence of language other things may give cues that something more is going on. Flirting is a step further than an ordinary compliment, but personal beliefs, lifestyle standards, and how boundary levels are set all play a role in establishing and measuring appropriate behavior.

Once you have considered your own personal beliefs, lifestyle standards, and boundary levels, your understanding about the importance of perception is magnified. How so you may ask. It's because now you are able to use that information to understand that boundaries are formed from personal beliefs and lifestyle standards, and you have more control over your behavior. Managing your behavior while also determining the differences between yours and those of others who you interact with in all walks of life becomes easier. Check out this video for some advice from Jessica Clair and think about where you stand. Do you think compliments and flirting are the same?.

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I started to think about flirting and compliments more when I found myself struggling with the question(s) should I or should I not compliment? The struggle began as I stood outside of a convenience store after a gentleman passed me and the scent of his cologne excited my nasal cavity. I sniffed softly so that I could enjoy his aroma just a little longer. What was he wearing? I never even asked, but just catching a whiff of his sweet smelling linger was enough to make me question my hesitation to pay him a compliment. What really put the fat in the fire was my reaction to an elderly female who also happen to pass me on that same day wearing a scent that also delighted my senses. I had no problem expressing myself, and I did in fact tell her how good she smelled. She seemed pleased at my reaction and thanked me as she walked away. Then I tried to figure out why I felt so apprehensive with the man, and I concluded that it was because of my own concern about perception and how he would receive my compliment. Would he think I was flirting because I was outside of a professional setting? At that moment, I didn't want to find out. All I know is, my comfort level was higher with the elderly lady, and I wasn't concerned about her perception. I realized then that gender does affect the way we interact in society, and our personal beliefs, lifestyle standards, and boundary levels really shape our perception of what is appropriate behavior.