Putting products on the market for sale extends further than segmenting target market groups, choosing the right packaging, and selecting appropriate marketing channels.  Cosmetic Firms must also be sure to label the product(s) properly and provide instructions for proper use so that consumers are aware of hazards and side effects that might occur upon usage.  The manufacturer owes the consumer a Duty of Care (not to set out to hurt or harm) under the law.  Some of the more common adverse reactions associated with the use of cosmetics products that are applied to the body are: rashes and hair loss. When the unthinkable does happen and a consumer is hurt after purchasing or using a product, where can a consumer turn for help?  

Well, before a lawyer is called and consultations initiated, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) is the agency to turn to when things go wrong.  Yeah, I know you might be thinking the process of reporting an injury may be complicated, but it is actually quite simple.  The FDA makes the process of filing a complaint easy.  If you go to the FDA's website Here you can contact the Consumer Complaint Coordinator to find out more. In the meantime, watch this video below for  more details on what you need to do to proceed with your complaint.
If you want to report anonymously, you're out of luck because you will be asked to provide your name and other pertinent information related to the incident, so be prepared to provide product information and your physicians name if you had to visit an emergency room. Oh, and one other thing please, please, please save the package and any unused product. How much do you know about the products you use? More on the Laws and how they affect consumers and Cosmetics Firms.