For every woman who has ever gone shopping for the perfect winter coat, you have to know that every closet has to have a Classic Trench in it to ensure that winter is done right every Fall season. London Fog is all I ever knew as far as Classic Trench Brand Names go. I only owned a couple of these in my lifetime. One was a gift that I didn't have the liberty to purchase myself, so I don't even know how much it cost. The other one I purchased at a super bargain price from a local Thrift Store here in my hometown of Melbourne. I always love thrifting so much because when I find brand name items, it's like finding a pirates treasure really. Legal steals given by very generous criminals is how I like to think about it. (smile) What do these people do for a living? All jokes aside, Florida Thrifting is the best I have ever seen since I come from a city where brand name thrift items are hard to come by. Although the internet, particularly Amazon, is making me appreciate E-tail so much more. Yeah for E-commerce deals. Look at our picks from London Fog. We do things for a reason and we want you to cover up with style at the right time.

London Fog Women's Fashion Double...
London Fog Women's Single Breasted Trench

Petite Black London Fog French Twill Raincoat


Okay the London Fog Rain Coat is an extra treat just in case the weather doesn't hold up. A girl still has to be stylish and ready if it gets to nasty outside. Never go exposed with these wonderful coats. You will feel like you are cozy and winter ready in one of these, but what's a trench without a little extra fire. You need a few of these on hand if you want to totally rock this look even in winter. Check out these from We Love Colors.

Diamondnet Fishnets - 30 different Colors...

The Scarlet Red, Scout Green, and Violet are some of the colors I intend to collect for myself. I hope you can see the value in owning a few pairs of these. If these are a little too much for your small personality, then just go with the London Fog Coat and a pair of regular pantyhose. Loosen up and take a few risk. Try something new and these fishnets from We Love Colors push you in the right direction.

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