The Answer Angel has clarified a few things when it comes to fashion that may help some women who are obsessing over skirt and dress lengths. "The most universally flattering skirt length is at or just an inch below the knee" says Ellen Warren. That seems reasonable enough, but going shorter also works well for women with petite bodies. Even with larger legs, a pear shaped petite body looks long and lean because the body build is narrow. Shorter styled skirts go well with sheer fashionable tights, so don't be afraid to explore what works best for you. Right now I'm more concerned with what you are putting on underneath your clothes.  For so long, I feared the slinky thong under garments, and it seems my apprehension hindered me from trying new things.   A thong was what I called the wedgie garment. It would occupy a place where nothing extra belonged, or so I thought. On accident, I purchased a thong shaper at a bargain price; that one mistake changed my opinion about thongs. The thong shaper turned out to be the most comfortable piece of shape wear I have ever worn. Take a look at how a thong shaper fits a women who is well endowed on her lower body.

The benefits of wearing a thong shaper are:

  • more support concentration on abdominal cavity and obliques
  • no pinching around the thigh area
  • no panty lines showing through clothing
  • an instant plumped and round looking gluteus meatus
  • more support for your lower back
  • a more poised appearance

As far as appearance goes, I rate thong shapers at A++, but I value what it did for me psychologically more. I felt more feminine and alive. It made me feel like I was wearing a secret, so everytime I thought about it, I smiled inside. Let's just say I'll be purchasing more of these in the future. Thongs are alright in my book. Interested in getting your own? Go Here