Diamonds can be a girls best friend, and if you really decide to take it upon yourself to embrace such an attitude, I say go right ahead. I won't present you with directions to the nearest Tiffany's or Zales, but I will advise you to check out a book that will take you on an unblievable ride. Bling from the author Erica Kennedy tells a fictitious story of the in's and outs of the music business. Take a look at what you should be looking for if you have not already finished this page turner.

An easy read especially if you love music or well developed characters. My intention is not to spill too many details because that would take away from the fun, and I certainly would not want to spoil the revelation for you. I had never heard of Erica Kennedy or Bling for that matter until I came across the book at a Thrift Store back in 2008. Some beautiful person donated it and It ended up in my hands. Yeah for bargain prices! What a treat for me. I started reading it on 09-19-08 and finished it a short time later on 09-27-08. Why the precise account as far as dates? Well sometimes I write the date I start a book in the front cover, and then when I finish it I write the date I finish in the back cover. That's how I can be so precise.