The eyes are the window to the soul" has now become a part of the lyrics to a song called eyes from the artist KasKade. Contemplating on that powerful statement is really a search for deeper meaning in the absence of language. A mother looking into the eyes of her child at age 21, the moment your clear vision returns after an eye examination, or that fierce look sported by the next Top Model. Tyra Banks coined the phrase Smieyes and expanded the concept to tap into our imaginations in her new book called  . Looking into someones eyes is a moment that calls for greater reflection, and when you get the picture it's just like finding a treasure that's all your own. At that moment our interpretation of meaning is all that matters. Getting the perfect eye look is not always so easy. When more steps are involved, it is often time consuming. The Smokey Eye Look takes some time. Take a look at the demonstration video and see what I mean.

The kinds of products you choose to beautify and cleanse your skin with matters because irritating the eye area can affect our vision. Afterglow Cosmetics is working to address the needs of conscious cosmetics consumers who value safety and purity when it comes to products that are applied to the skin. USDA Certified Organic stamp of approval, and the cosmetics are easy to like too. The shadows look amazing with just the right pigmentation, and there are so many to choose from.   Foundation, Multitaskers, and Color Lock are also other great products to use during your makeup routine. It's all about the eyes, so make eye contact whenever possible. Your eyes can show your sincerity, sorrow, happiness, or even nonverbal aggression. Body language means something, so be careful how you use your eye power. One thing is for sure; you can not draw conclusions for someone else, but you can always be conscious of your responsibility to present your best face when making an eye connection.