Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. At some point in your life you heard this phrase or in an attempt to convince some resistant child to eat, you have uttered each and every word with general concern. Hot cereals like oatmeal and Cream of Wheat are ideal breakfast choices and the nutritional value is a parent pleaser. However, in today's fast pace environment, many families are looking for quick and simple breakfast choices that are healthy and tasty.

The texture of oatmeal is what some kids can't seem to get use-to.  Until recently, when I mentioned the word oatmeal in my household, my son's facial expression said yuck. He never liked eating oatmeal, so I always looked for healthy alternatives. Let's just say a lot of cold cereal was served in my household, during his adolescent years. Honey Nut Cheerios was usually my favorite choice because of it's nutritional pow wow and delicious flavor. Boy how things have changed. Today my son is a college student, and he's now eating oatmeal. Take a look at what changed his mind about the oats. 

 The New Oatmeal The Old Oatmeal 

Quaker has done it this time. Oatmeal Squares is our latest find from Quaker as far as cereal goes. Healthy, crunchy, and super delicious. Whole oat flour and whole wheat flour are the main ingredients, and when compared to a serving of Quaker Oatmeal, you get extra nutrition. More potassium, more fiber, and more protein. The hint of brown sugar is an extra treat. Try these Oatmeal Squares, and you won't ever feel deprived when you skip the potato chips. Make oatmeal fun and easy without getting your pots or your microwave involved.