The excitement has been brewing ever since last weeks post, and I could not wait to spill about the amazing new addition to the Abornewords family. Before I do let me tell you that it all kind of happened so fast. The swirling news and then he was just here. Establishing a Dream Team is not easy especially when the weight of the world is on your shoulders and your opponents are many. Building a trustworthy team is even more difficult when the pickings are so few. Our Dream Team is our Wonder Team, and every Wonder Team needs to have a best friend. That is why Abornewords is proud to introduce our Wonder Dog Duncan. Check out the pictures below.

We had trouble with these photos so we had to repeat the upload twice I wonder why?  It's all love anyway 

 It's still all doggie love!

He is so adorable calm, and very smart. I have always loved having an animal around in the house, but finally I have enough stability to look forward to keeping Duncan for a very longtime. Just knowing that makes me so happy. He is such good company, and since all of my real friends live so far away, we get to send them all these neat pictures. We will be posting videos of duncan on You Tube soon, so look out for more doggie updates. Soon he'll be off to K-9 College. (smile) Oh and P.E.T.A. it is faux fur Okay!