The feeling of being close to the land, near a meadow, and a countrys walk to a shallow creek paints a picture of a place a long distance away from city lights and taxi cabs on a congested interstate highway. Many of the farms located here in the United States easily fit that description. Farm life in the country is totally different from life in the big city, so it's understandable that technology and advancement in a rural area would be far less modern. That's what makes REAP (Rural Energy For America Program) so much more important. Watch the clip below as Alan Stephens explains how the grant will affect small businesses in Arizona.

The overall goal is to provide farmers, ranchers, and small businesses located in rural areas with grants/loans to help them make energy efficient changes that will ultimately reduce energy consumption and provide more renewable energy sources. Doing so will also help to foster growth in rural areas.  Whenever I think of rural living I always get a picture in my mind of Diane Keaton who starred in the 1987 movie Baby Boom. Could you ever trade in city living for a more rural lifestyle? Under the right circumstances, anything is possible. Movies  like this surely get you to thinking about how transitions can change the course of your life, and opportunities like the REAP Grant help to make things a lot easier. Keep in mind grants and loans are being offered in other areas.