The tag line for Febreze for the incoming season reads "Fall is in the air. Breathe happy." The Febreeze Fall Collection is sure to change the air in your homely castle. With scents like Apple Spice & Delight how could you not be curious to sniff?  Well our Lady of Liberty has made the news. Besides being the symbol representing liberty, justice, and freedom, she is also a symbol everyone associates with New York, and for good reason too. Hence, a location attribute for the Big Apple. The gabfest about The Statute of Liberty is that she herself will be breathing in fresh breezes and sporting a whole new look. That's right it's makeover time for Mrs. Liberty in honor of her 125 years coming this October 28th . Brace yourself because the price tag sounds to the tune of 27 million jingles. The renovations are scheduled to begin a day after her 125th, and the inside of the mounument is off limits. Plan accordingly, if you're planning a visit right before Halloween.

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