Time does not stand still, and life happens so fast as the hands on the clock move. Striking a pose is like striking gold in the snapshot frame. Ron Howard advertised to get all of your best shots, and his plan was to bring the pictures to life on the big screen. "Happy Days" for anyone who has the creative patience and know how to create a visual story that represents life experiences. Howard's search for the right pictures proves that staying connected matters. In Howard's case the pictures would help during his creative process, but finding value of any kind is what really matters. Call it social or just a visual obsession with life, but sharing your experiences is important. Take a look at a special moment I shared with my son at his High School Graduation. From head to toe here we are! Look at our brows!

That was the day he completed another right of passage. I will never forget it. That's why I want to tell you how you can not only share your travel photos, but get them in print at no cost to you. The Orlando Sentinel newspaper wants your photos from your travels. A photo featured in Your Best Shot caught my eye and my first reaction was one of wonder. How does Ear of the Wind sound to you? Known as a landmark and apparently very popular for tourist, it is a sight to behold. Photographers or anyone that has special photos to share this is your chance to share and be recognized. Read below and get noticed!

"Your Best Shot features photos taken on readers' trips. Please mail your picture and caption to Your Best shot, Orlando Sentinel, 633 N. Orange Ave., MP-240, Orlando FL 32801; or email your photo information, with the picture attached as a .jpg file, to Travel@OrlandoSentinel.com with YOUR BEST SHOT in the subject field. Submissions are not returned"____ Orlando Sentinel
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