Ever felt like doing something different but needed a little push in the right direction? Well, that's what we are here for. In all of my teams 14 years in sales, customer service, and related fields, I have learned a thing or two, through trial and error of course, about reinventing myself. One thing I know for sure is: reinvention does not have to mean forgetting old habits or behavior totally. On the contrary, it is really about maintaining a healthy mix, so that you feel different in certain situations. You will certainly feel during social interactions, and your friends will begin to notice the change in your attitude. Reinvention using fashion is nothing new. Call it a makeover if you want too, but your appreciation for small changes will be the thing that helps you to transform over and over again. The articles of clothing I have chosen may take you by surprise if you are not careful, but I feel like having some fashion fun. I hope you are with me.

Forget all the talk about cougars for now and just think about turning the edge up on your conservative style just a bit. Ponchos and cardigans look good when paired with almost anything. You name the match, and I bet we could work any one of those top pieces in with your choice. Slacks, jeans, skirts, and leggings will work well with either one. The best time to switch things up is after work. Separating yourself from your work persona becomes super important after you pull in 40 or more hours on a five day stretch. Changing things up creates balance between your professional and personal life, and it also gives you something to look forward too every week.

The idea I came up with is something that I think that a bad girl type like a female Fonzi would wear, and I know my girl Wendy Williams will appreciate this post. Take a look at these Spandex Leopard Print Footless.

Which color works for you? Both colors are screaming fun and adventurous. Now when it comes to the ponchos I love all forms of them because they are so forgiving and flattering. They do wonders for all body types, but apple shapes benefit most from garments like the Capelli New York Brown Fringe Wrap shown below.

Now we need the right shoe to take this outfit to the next level of cool. I have just the right shoe for you. It's made by Tsubo, adds height, and is designed to be extra comfortable. Check out my pick for increased gravity for your style high and shoe fix.

Style and comfort  created so easily.  The last piece is something we are pulling out of the woodwork for the truly adventurous woman. It's from a brand called Full Tilt. A fire red skirt Look at it!

Would I rock this? Yes I would!