Being born a girl is associated with all things new, youthful, and colorful.  Who has never heard the phrase anything boys can do girls can do better?  Sugar and spice and everything nice is also another phrase yammered from the mouths of girls trying to keep up with those nothing but trouble boys!  Call it girl power, women's lib, or the battle of the sexes, but statements like that encourage and uplift females competing in a society that often overlooks the value of women past motherhood or sexual seduction.  

As girls transition into adulthood they still expect to hear words of encouragement and they certainly never lose their youthful attitude.  What a woman gains in maturity is: a new understanding of how to find her feel good moments.  I'm sure all women have some idea of how to get there.  Still, I know for sure that taking time to attend to personal appearance, spending time with family, participating in hobbies, and scheduling a little R&R (rest and relaxation) helps to lead me to my happy place.  It can also help you too, if you are a women seeking to reach a place of calm.  Appearance always matters!  If you feel good about your look, you'll feel good on the inside.  Then you will definitely be showing the world how you can shine from the inside out.  Peek the ladies below for tips and tricks on how to get your eyes and lip look right, so you can look and feel your best.

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