If you are a Red Fox fan from back in the day, you might remember the super funny episode of Sanford & Son when Fred (the character Red Fox portrayed) used marijuana in a salad fearing he would be caught and arrested for holding the bag.  I laughed so hard at that episode.  It was hilarious.  In line with the whole marijuana issue, California made an unsuccessful attempt to legalize the use of marijuana.  The people voted and the no's reined supreme.  The Golden State would not go down in history as the first state to legalize the drug.  It is almost funny to think about seeing an illegal substance listed on a ballet in question, but illegal drugs (like the alcohol epidemic) are no laughing matter.


What made me recall that particular episode was my own curiosity about the use of alcohol in foods and deserts. I was trying to make a gift giving decision, and I narrowed my dilemma down to a few choices. Any, many, miny, or mo? Chocolates and a fragrance represents two of those, and they tied, so I was stuck. I had seen these delectable looking chocolates that would be a perfect surprise as a sweetheart gift. Then it hit me like a brick, and just that quick, I was counting chocolates before I drifted off to sleep wondering about alcoholic content in eatables.
Enjoy Chocolate in bed 
The mornings assignment was to find answers, and I did. An Alcohol Burn-off Chart gave me all the answers I needed. Up to 85% of alcohol is retained in boiled dishes that are removed from heat or 75% if flamed. The chart was clear in that longer cooking times helps to dissipate the strength of alcohol. After I read the Alcohol Burn-Off Chart, I felt much better about the use of alcohol in food/desert, and I chose to get chocolate and flowers instead. It's like Tom Hanks said in the movie Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates" so why not enjoy some?

The Popcorn Factory 
The Perfect Popcorn  Sanford and Son