A single serving of it's all about me, keeps my plate pretty full these days.  Yes, I'm the center of my own world, a gift of God's creation, all for me.  Too funny for me to laugh alone, so I give in only to tell you that some of you really have that type of mentality.  Gosh (a term used by my grandma all the time) self esteem is a wonderful thing, as long as in the process of being confident, you do not annoy the people around you.  Noses in the air, and still can't get any attention? You must be the problem one might think.  Never fear, there are things to do on both sides of this scenario that can help level the playing field.  

If attention is what seek from the so called in crowd, try introspection on for size.  Figure out who you are and what you can offer the all so popular people.  Your perspective and ideas have value, so think about how you feel.  Positive affirmations will help you to realize your true worth.  Once you have completed that exercise, you may be able to accept that you are not the center of everyone's universe.  Everyone can not be the hot pick.  Furthermore, all you have to do to be noticed is: be yourself, perform at your best, and try not to be angered by inattention.  Lastly, whatever you do, try not to result to name calling. That is childish and petty.  If you've been on the other side of this scenario, then you understand that hard choices are the ones you sometimes have to ponder long and hard.  Often, you lose sleep while wrestling with your emotions and options, and sitting in this seat can really make you seem like the bad guy.  Truly, if you are not careful, that's the impression that people will get.  In your eyes though, you've done nothing wrong.  Still, parts of you are being pulled through the mud by someone you don't even know personally.  You met her at a party or a business meeting, and now your name has become a regular part of her vocabulary.  All you were trying to do was be nice, share your ideas, and enjoy your club soda.  Now you realize that you are getting the backlash whelps of popularity.  Your charisma has gained you more than a loyal following, and all you want is to be is left alone.  You have a traveling circus single file, with one out of line, and you want this thing resolved.  You are well aware that you have options, but be careful not to offend others by being to formal in handling this very delicate matter. 

Instead of the legalities, try arranging a one on one or at least consider sorting things through using a mediator.  Voice your concerns, and offer something of value to the person who obviously has been harmed to the point of slander.  Do not accuse!  Express how you really feel calmly.  Being level-headed will get you everywhere.  Acknowledge that you understand how you could have caused unnecessary hurt.  Using this approach will most likely help to resolve any misunderstanding, but remember not everyone will see resolution as an option.  All you can do in this situation then is, take your lumps and move on.  Public opinion can make or break you, so I just hope you are up for the challenges that come along with being in the spotlight.  In the words of Russel Simmions, "Happiness is being satisfied with the life you lead" so "find your groove".