The branding of the bad girl Snooki and her "GTL" cast members The Situation and Pauly D just got bigger with the release of Jersey Shore talking pens now floating around on the retail market at many of your local Walgreens Stores. Who knew Jersey Shore would take it this far? The Wacky Wobblers pictured above are cute mini play things available online. Work well options for little knick knack type of decor if you're into Jersey Shore like that much, but seriously their personalities don't draw me into fan craze at all. The one thing that I find somewhat interesting about them all is their voices and self assured attitudes. Other than that, the poliferation of their brand is the only thing that makes me want to ring their names and increase the media hype associated with their down right bad behavior.

Gab phrases sounding off from Snooki's talking pen is something about how "eating fried pickles was a life changing experience", and another phrase has her expressing her dislike of work. Uh, I guess she considers her duties on Jersey Shore to be recreational. I'm just saying; maybe she was drunk when she recorded those phrases. Who knows? The Situation is at least promoting health and fitness with one of his phrases saying "GTL Baby; gym, tan, laundry". On another he appears shallow as he rambles "If you don't do laundry, you don't got no clothes". What a philosophy right? Pauly D must be speaking in code because I don't understand anything he is saying at all. I did catch the word "grenades". Clearly he must have been speaking in Jersey Shore tongues, and I'm a peculiar people .

Abornewords will probably never stock pile the Jersey Shore Cast Members Pens, but we do love the G2 Pilot. They are long lasting, refillable, and the rubber grip makes them feel extremely comfortable to hold onto. They are available in popular colors like blue, green, black, and red. If you have to write anything use the G-2 Pilot. It will take you higher and further than the Jersey Shore Pens ever could on paper.