In Florida, the Weather can be so beautiful at times. Temperatures are often perfect for the beach even during the winter months. However one thing we Floridians know firsthand is that Florida's weather can also be unpredictable. Cold weather for three days of the week and hot weather for the other four days.  That sporadic zigzag type of weather is what we have grown accustomed too living in The Sunshine State. Now what we have realized is that bundling up during winter is sometimes a hassle just because our fashion statements s get compromised. As women we have learned to adjust, but finding the right product to keep us warm and fashionable is what we really want to incorporate into our wardrobe when temperatures go from chilly to cold, and then to the frigid. We found a product that is a must have piece during the winter. Check out our pick for a winter must have item!

The Infinity Turtle Neck Scarf is the it item of the winter season, and I will convince you to believe it too before you finish reading this post. For every woman who has ever slept on her arm crooked necked, sitting or laying in an awkward position in order to maintain a hairdo, you will soon see the value in owning this Turtle Neck Scarf. Especially black girls, once you make it through the night and wake up with your style in tact, then you have to make sure your hairstyle holds up in the atmosphere when you go out. As always, when temperatures are colder, instead of worrying about humidity, rain, or the dreaded sweat out, the concern shifts to avoiding the tendency to flatten the hairstyle. Hats, ear warmers, and tight fitting scarfs usually cause flattening.

Black girls and black women learn early that there are proven techniques for maintaining a hairstyle. For black women going to the beauty parlor or hairdresser to get your hair whipped every week is an indiction that you have a man that is taking real good care of you. Even a high maintenance chic will wear a style for at least 3-5 days. We like this turtleneck scarf because it has enough slack to cover hairstyles without extreme flattening, during cold weather. It can also be worn as Neck Scarf. The Fabric is made of polyester and it's thick with a tubular style which makes it appear puffy. Described as being the winter garment that ("Keeps the bite out of cold") It is  the perfect gift for men to gift their lady, and now you know why we have dubbed the Infinity Turtle Neck Scarf as the it item of the winter season. Do you agree?

Sold by Luxury Divas Fashion Boutique, hereor get it in-store if you happen to be in Phillipsburg, NJ.