DVD rental centers like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video were taken by storm when Netflix tapped into their profits by offering movie lovers various monthly plans for their favorite movie rentals. The only drawback is that for instances where mailing movies is required, the wait time takes away the instant gratification of viewing without delay. However it seemed to balance out because of the convenience of internet viewing. Next came the automated movie peddling machine, Red Box.

What made lot the top Red dog is the thrifty price tag of only $1 for a 24 hour movie rental. Plenty of time to watch and return a flick, but a lot of consumers lost I've spoken to lost confidence in Red Box because of the frequent machine breakdowns at site locations that stalled the return process. When returns are not handled effectively because of a machine malfunction, time management is compromised, movie rentals slip into overdue status, and customers still have to return at some point to complete the return process. On top of all of that hassle, if there is no customer service representative on site to apologize and reassure customers, then the business reputation suffers. Last but not least, the word is out on Red Box Customer Service representatives who often try to offer free movie rental codes instead of just issuing the refund. Speedy self service is the upside of a Red Box purchase, but any automation lacks human presence. When something goes wrong, I want a customer service rep front and center. Cost cutting may save dollars, but business is about more than money. It's about building relationships to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

The next new thing when it comes to going to the movies is theMovie Pass which would allow a type of "all you can view plan" at the rate of $50. Paying $50 every thirty days seems a bit much on a consistent basis. That wouldn't be something that I would want to keep going all year because it amounts to $600 a year. No thanks, I would rather use that money for groceries. Let's just say, movie theater chains are not so happy about this new move involving AOL Ventures and Movie Pass, but I'm wondering why all the fuss. Anything that draws consumers back into the theater should be seen as an opportunity to reestablish clientele and reinvent the theater experience. For more on this story go here.

Focusing on customer service is what is going to help movie theaters stand out above the rest. Customer sevice and the whole movie star experience. Well, if you have ever been to an Oaks 10 Movie Theater, you know you are in for a treat. Using the bathroom is an experience all in itself. The lighting is terrific and the mirrors will make you feel like a movie star. Powdering your nose and applying lipstick won't ever be the same again, so prepare to be dazzled. To each his own, but customer service and the over all up keep, design, and style is what will keep people coming back. Hey, I would go to the Oaks 10 Movie Theater just to use the bathroom! What about you?