Leah Remini brought us the funny on Kings of Queens in character as the confident and bold Carrie Heffernan, but these days she's getting cozy on the new CBS round table The Talk, so let's speak on it!  Can you say conversation rival The View?  Besides the different personalities on The Talk that includes the well known Mrs. O, the show makes for a seasoned afternoon treat loaded with opinionated, charismatic broads with style and attitude.  Their flavor is a lot different than anything you are seeing in today's talk as far as voices go, and just by happenstance I caught a glimpse and an earful of what Mrs. Leah had to say about her obsessive passion for high heels.  As she gave a complete demonstration of the change in her look and attitude when she wasn't wearing her trusty heels, I started to think about obsession past the point of Leah Remini's for shoes, and it lead me down a path often connected to shoes; lingerie, sleepwear, and couples.

Specifically, the issue of bedroom attire came to mind as I pondered the impact of a good pair of heels and sexy lingerie like nobody's business. It may seem regular now because you've only heard this one half of how the heel issue guided me, but let's go a little further along just to see which shoe side you'll end up wearing. In the bedroom, women have long been filmed in movies or popular television shows as being more attractive in heels and lingerie, but I'm here to raise the issue of alternatives for all the women who prefer kitten heels, pajamas, and gowns. Sure, I can appreciate a good pair of heels, but I walk a lot and I just prefer a kitten heel, two inches, or something similar.   In the bedroom, there's nothing wrong with wearing heels as long as long standing or long walking is not involved. Otherwise, heels just don't serve a practical purpose. I am going so far as to say that a national campaign should be launched in favor of Uggs and night gowns. Not for it? Well, choose Uggs and pajamas, but I thing you understand the need to recognize that a women's comfort factor depends on how she feels about herself. Remini's demonstration on The Talk was a perfect example of how some women think, or feel for that matter, about high heel shoes.

Hey, I say get your bedroom look on with all the things that make you feel good about yourself. Accessorize with head dresses or some other choice pieces and rest assured you'll be satisfied. Women should never underestimate the power of a pair of Timberland Boots and a button up, and men when you see your lady wearing her nighty, Uggs, or even pajamas, turn up the romance.

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