Decorating during the holiday season can make the occasion more festive and meaningful, but it can also be an open door to family bonding that is entertaining and fun. During Halloween, if you are not into goblins, witches, blood scenes, and crystal balls, concentrating on fall decor is a perfect alternative. The month of October is ideal for changing things up in your home. Dramatic change of any kind can cause shock, so try to choose a starting point that will help everyone smoothly transition into the season. Include your family members in the process in some form or fashion and let the bonding begin. Your favorite room is a great place to start. Something with traditional colors like orange and brown would work well. Here are some suggestions to get you going.

  • add silk orange flowers to your fresh flower pots to give them a new look
  • change the curtains to darker colors to tone down the vibe in a room
  • add a different rug that blends well with other decor deeper colors work best
  • paint white/beige doors in a deeper shade
  • add artifical flowers to a room if you can not afford maintaining fresh arrangements all season
  • change your trash can to stainless steel or black
  • place candle holders with orange candles on your bedroom dresser
  • bake some holiday oriented cookies and put them in a see through cookie jar
Here's a cool video showing you how to get spooky cookies in no time!

In honor of the spooky month of October and also your sweet tooth, it would not be appropriate to neglect mentioning Halloween Costumes. There are so many to choose from, and the Super Friends Costumes are some of the most popular choices for Halloween. Superman, Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman are Abornewords favorite picks, but a walk on the dark side may be up your alley. If so, try Dark Vador, Freedie Crugar or some other villain, and let the fright begin. Costumes and costume parties are not the only way to ready for Halloween. Using naughty name products can take you down a whole new avenue. Beauty of a site iffers a few naughty options that might interest you and bring out your alter ego, but click these images for a naughty surprise for the bunny deep down in you.

If those products don't get you going try out Paula Dorf Rhythm or RAMY Alive Room 369.

It's all about having fun, so if you are the type that could never really be wicked and you just want to be innocently naughty,
these products will haunt you in the right direction. Go ahead change your decor using fall colors, bake some spooky
Halloween Cookies, and get your naughty on, if you dare to be different. Just don't call me when it gets to hot in the kitchen!