Are you head over heels in love with chocolate and just have to have the sweet treat within reach at all times? Do you remember how you felt the last time you reined out? I'm picturing cabinent doors slamming, turned over candy dishes, open night stand drawers, and turned over matresses. Forget about it! Close your eyes and wish hard that you were Charlie. You know from Willie Wanka and the Chocolate Factory. Let your fascination and craving take you that far, but make sure you create your own world. I do not have any idea where you are or how you are seeing chocolate right now, so I will only ask you to forget about labels and remember only the one I will show you below. Take a look at The Hersheys Delight aerated Bar.


Oh yes, I have tasted this light, rich, and delicious treat. If I had to describe this bar in two words, chocolate mousse would be it. My taste buds went absolutely wild! I love it when flavors overtake me that way. Tom Mulier claims that the stock markets rising prices for commodities like cocoa and sugar is one reason more companies are reverting back to aeration methods again. Tom Mulier wrote"candy makers are finding that a simple ingredient --air-- can help pump up profits". Well candy makers may be breathing a little easier when it comes to financial outlook, but I'm only concerned with what my experience will be once I taste a chocolate treat like the Hersheys Delight. I'll tell you the candy bar has scored big with me. All I kept thinking about is homemade mousse, refrigerated and cold. The heaviness of regular bars is gone with this one. In it's place on the palatte issmoothness. Get in on the new light flavor that reminds you of a cool dessert cup full of chocolate mousse. Refrigerate the Hersheys Delight and experience unbelievable flavor!