Alright, this week I have been on this leopard print kick and the adventurous ride is not over yet for me or you. Leopard print makes me feel frisky and playful, but for some the design may be a little bit to Sunset Blvd. Oh it's California alright, but hotter than the boulevard. Wearing it and making a fashion statement with clothing is not for everyone. I'll be the first to admit that personality plays into the style, so doing it on a smaller scale will be right for the conservative and less spontaneous types. In those cases, I propose that you try an accessory or something practical like this Train Case.  

Recently though, I opted for the Sally Hansen alternative Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. I'm not sorry for one minute that I did either because they are absolutely amazing. On the market for about one year and so popular for busy bodies who are attending parties and weddings. These girls and women want a quick trendy look. You will appreciate the no mess application process. Check out what comes in the very compact box, get a look at my nails, and then I will tell you how the 320 Kitty, Kitty measures up.



The process of getting the spicy leopard look is simple and fun. Start with clean dry nails, peel, apply, and shape. It's that easy. Sally Hansen Salon Effects comes in about 23 different colors. Solids and designer prints make these nail applications attractive to every consumer who is driven by metallics, brights, and neutrals. There is no dry time to worry about, and inside the package you also get a mini orange stick, and a mini file and buffer which takes care of all the minor adjustments you have to make to get the look. One tip for girls with big fingers, you may want to make use of the small nail adhesives that are left over so plan to cut and use them as needed to refresh your look as it wears. Women who wash dishes a lot and participate in other activities that put stress on the nail bed may get a 6-7 day wear before reapplication is necessary. However, the professional finish, trendy look, and easy application process is worth the money.

You can find the 320 Kitty, Kitty and other stylish colors at Leopard print is in right now all the celebrities are being photoed up in some form or leopard print, so get yours now. Sure you can also go the long way and design your leopard look with nail polish. Check this video out for tips on the process The long way with nail polish. If you want to get your style fast and easy, Sally Hansen is the way to go. You will be doing this in no time Urban Decay Style look here.