Who can ever forget the ever so popular gold teeth trend of the late eighties when a smile gleamed gold instead of pearly whites. It was a way to show off a hip and cool fad that made dentist very wealthy and young urban African American appear a litter richer on the outside. As time passed the platinum grill took over and diamonds became the new way to show status and wealth. Sure, a new way to floss and stunt was born during the 20th century, but what real purpose do these trends serve. Besides the cosmetic benefit, I hardly see any value except personal fulfillment and a deviation from the normal. Now the latest craze in flossing gold and diamonds so much more beneficial, and it is not shown by using a grilled out smile. It's an eye thing now called LaSer Eye Jewelry. What you may not be aware is the LaSer Eye Jewelry is really called Chandra Bostona Scleral, and it is used to treat eye conditions like "Dry Eyes, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, Keratoconus and other corneal". Watch the video to hear more of the buzz.

Adding gold or diamonds inside is like adding an accessory to an outfit, but the price tag can hit your money stash for as much as 15,000 dollars.

"La SERâ„¢ Eye Jewelry is invented by Chandrashekhar Chawan to help poor patients. Every pair sold one Stevens Johnson Syndrome patients will be treated free at Shekhar Eye Research.

Unlike the cosmetic benefit provided by gold or diamonds created by dentist, this device treats real eye conditions, and the addition of the jewelry is just extra. India is quickly becoming a trend setter by being the first to create such a device. Bling your wink, but be prepared to spend real ching ching. Some are calling it scary, as you heard in the video. There have also been comparisons to the Thriller Video. Abornewords describes it as eccentric. In the dark you may be a bit taken aback if you make eye contact. I'm just saying!

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