Product Safety is at the top of my list when it comes to marketing to the consumer.  No doubt, safety is one very important aspect to consider before finalizing a purchase. In a previous post Consumer Product Safety: The FDA and You" I mentioned how safety was more important than segmenting target market groups, choosing the right packaging and proper marketing channels. I still believe that too, but I must tell you I saw something recently that made me realize that all things work together to get the attention of the consumer. Eye catching to the point of a stare and the packaging read SJP . A rainbow of colors for her latest fragrance to hit some fragrance counters. It's been out a while now, and you would be all felt up if looks could feel. I am well aware of the 3 P's too. Product, price, and promotion do matter, but packaging goes along with the promotion planning. Again, promotion is more than finding the right marketing channels. It's inclusive of so many things involved in getting a product to produce big sales. In particular, the look of the packaging, endorsement images, mannerisms, lifestyle, and personality all play a role. Take a look at what I see when I look at SJP; would you buy this just for the packaging?
Those are only some of the things affecting whether or not consumers purchase products, and any one of those could trigger an impulse buy under the right circumstances. Sara Jessica Parker gave her husband credit for helping her to appreciate color saying "Matthew's mother was a painter and he taught me to love color and break all the rules". That's very apparent to me when I look at this container. There's a lot going on, but I'm totally digging it! If you like it too, purchase your bottle by rolling over the image and clicking.