On the high or the low, heels do not mix with every woman. Certainly their good on occasion, but please for your sake consider your footsies. Anyone of you (executives, teachers, and even you assistants) with the desk jobs who has ever changed into a pair of comfortable flats, you realize truly that heels have their place. Come on though, who does not want to have comfortable feet? You may not remember the piece I did called New Trend For Women Who Love Shoes Heels and Ugg were featured with lots of fabulous gowns. Although good, that post is not all about loving high heels. In fact it is about so much more. Respecting the fashion choices of those who prefer flats, seeing the value in those choices, and also simply put, it is a call to explore something new when dressing for bedtime. A new trend that's right!

Yes I am on flats again, but this time I want to focus on two other things; dressing down and characteristics. What does a woman who prefers flats look like? Is she tall and slender, in the middle, curvy, or the Big Girl with lots of sassy attitude? Sometimes I wonder more about fashion than I need too, but I always end up satisfied with my look. Now sometime it turns out to be jeans and sneakers or high waters and work shoes, but I leave the house happy just the same. (smile) Flats and dressing down seem to match, and if you understand that you can do wonders with your look and wardrobe by creating immediate alternatives for lifestyle social interaction in various situations. Lunch, teachers conferences, a walk through the park, or as I mentioned before a comfort go to shoe for the office. With flats you have options and more options. Take a look at these pictures to see if you think these women have characteristics that you would associate with a person who is likely to wear flats, and then check out the fabulous pair of flats from Dereon. These will work perfect for dressing down some of the hottest looks.

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From a different angle
From the back
On the inside

Now you see, so if you have a love affair with the Dereon brand and can not live without it get yours today. There may not be a certain look associated with a girl or woman who chooses flats over heels, but having fashionable, comfortable alternatives is surely nice for your look and your feet. The Dereon Women's Friday Flat is worth the splurge.