A scene to admire; Gwen IFill and four men around the table Oh My! The only woman and she didn't appear to be afraid, even a mist all the talk of terror attacks, guns, and killing. What has the table come to? Well, the table has spun through a new intellectual, Pierre Thomas. He's one representing ABC who we don't know real well over here at Abornewords, but he does not disappoint. His verbs and adjective are descriptive and sound off perfect syntax, leaving more written on the walls of my mind, I could not miss the message he delivered. Anwar al-Awlaki dead! Yet, a sensitive tenderness where the terrorist killing was concerned because of his status as an American citizen. How he sanked in level is obvious with his death. "Depressing" is a word Gwen IFill used in describing what had happened around the table. Not leaving out any personality, IFill was laid back and easy. How could she not be with all the ties in the room? Fun, Fun, and more fun to be the moderating Queen. Watch Gwen IFill at the table shining like the black Cinderella.

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Wanted distractions, and who had the best neck dressing? Sam Youngman (who spoke of Obama) "Take the fight to Republicans" and Major Garrett who wondered if Chris Christie could handle a national agenda. All I could hope for just happened in a clip showing President Obama bringing out the big guns as far as his political fight is concerned. He will be remembered forever in mind as the President who woke me up. Who says he's soft? With force he commanded "Take off your bedroom slippers" and "put on your marching shoes"! To all of those city gals or conservative upstate dollies who have ever set foot in a pair of Daniel Green Slippers, at that moment they heard him, and I'm sure he was their political giant. All we can do now is take heed, and let our vote speak for us at the polls in 2012. It's getting down to the wire and one thing John Dickerson made clear is: The importance of connecting to the people. All public figures have to reach out to people so that the sentiment is amicable and welcoming in a general way. Closeness in mind and in spirit is what helps anyone to garner support. A fall through in that connection means that support is out the window, and people lose confidence in the leadership base. Depressing? Not for me! This has been a political mouthful. Are you still hungry? Check out the full show here it was engaging and fun.