A backshot or a low blow can not change the impact of the strategy of powerful presence. Gwen IFill is here and she is fulfilling her role as the in between to some of the most influential political junkies in television and print media. The rundown may leave some of the wannabee leaders standing on a lower platform looking up as other candidates like Mitt Romney and Herman Cain get more and more attention. The Shadow of Death is looming over the conversation and the name Moamoar Gadhafi is the talk for making headlines yet again; this time he is not exiled but dead. The former Libya dictator and ruler has been killed. His death not only ends his political reign, it shows the lack of nationalism for all countries located south of the Mediterranean Sea. Africa is where everything started and many of these countries branching off from it seem to have their own issues with seated leaders. The panelist mentioned Yemen and Syria which are on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea away from the proximity of Libya, and the reasoning seemed to be that the reaction from leaders and citizens in or around those cities mattered in some way. Suspecting that it has something again to do with the leadership, but in order to make the immediate connection more information is needed concerning political responses and aid to the citizens in those communities. The focus will probably end up being on Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The issue of nation building keeps coming up and for good reason. The need for it is apparent as even panelist wondered how leadership could result from people involved and responsible for such a sporadic take over. The downside would be looking for another King so to speak. Last week James Kitfield's words were strong in the sit down for Washington Week when he uttered "Anyone sitting on their throne in the Middle East feels very threatened". For so long the stability of Libya rested on the shoulders of Moamoar Gadhafi, and now finding the answer to Libya's problems just seem to get more complicated. Should they immediately sprang into structuring a political itinerary, and who is going to be the voice during the process? The panelist all pondered what would be the role of the United States in the rebuilding efforts of Libya. The question still remains unanswered while politics in our country seems more important but small. America realized long ago what the benefits of nationalism were, and that's why today we are the United States of America. The importance of having some focused direction from countries with strong governments like the United States and Russia would help. One thing is for sure. The chaos of the Libya situation sure makes me appreciate America's Judicial Process a little bit more. If you enjoy personalities and politics check out the Full Show or the Webcast Extra and read Gwen's Take on "Why the End of Gadhafi May Not Help Obama". Absorb the substance of the information and try to relate in some way. This has been a political mouthful.