Now that I've met the majority of the Washington Weeks regulars, the next move is to acquaint you with the latest politic talk in an interesting manner. To get you on the edge of your seats, I will start with the deadly 9/11 attack that happened a decade ago. The tragedy was hurtful to say the least, and not only because of all the fatalities. It was down right crushing because something like that happened right in the heart of America. There was so much more juice on the full show, and you can go here. A lot of sharing took place, and everyone gave their take with lots of emotion on this day of celebration for the heroic people who lost their lives trying to save people from the catastrophe. The video highlights were so moving, and the heartache that once was so fresh didn't seem to ache as hard. Showing strength also allowed for a show of unity that brought Americans together in the face of tragedy.

Somber reflections were revealed, but Gwen IFill moderated in the Webcast Extra bringing up the issue of entitlements and Social Security was my green light simply because most working class citizens are not only looking forward to the stability of receiving that monthly income, they are seriously depending on it. The looming question is what can we do now to protect the security of retirees who are in danger of losing that income? John Harris talked about a book written by Governor Rick Perry where he so forwardly talked without restriction, and he has said in no uncertain according to the swindle of the Ponzi, Social Security is a bad idea. Needless to say, many citizens will not see eye to eye with Mr. Perry.


How It Works

"When you work, 85 cents of every Social Security tax dollar you pay goes to a trust fund that pays monthly benefits to current retirees and their families and to surviving spouses and children of workers who have died. The other 15 cents goes to a trust fund that pays benefits to people with disabilities and their families."
"The entire amount of taxes you pay for Medicare goes to a trust fund that pays for some of the costs of hospital and related care of all Medicare beneficiaries. Medicare is managed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, not Social Security."

The documentation is plain stating that monthly allotments given in retirement replace "only 40 percent of an average wage" that means that retirees will still need to have income from other sources to survive during their golden years.

The questionable lack of concern by Republican candidates for the current Obama Administration was mentioned by Jackie Calmes, and that's exactly why President Obama's move to generate jobs and provide tax incentives for employers is so crucial. It couldn't have come at a better time! By creating a detailed proposal for approval President Obama showed that he wants more Americans in the workforce. The most striking statement made by John Harris was related to how Republican Candidates were lacking "substance remedy" when it came to key issues affecting America. Label them clueless or just strategic political campaigners, but see President Obama as a fighter who is presenting real plans in the face of the competition. These round tables really get us thinking over here at Abornewords, and we cant wait to hear more. This has been a political mouthful. Are you still hungry?

Source: SSA Publication No 05-10024