Taking the lid off of Washington Weeks jar of politic goodies is something that I look forward to because of the mix of personalities and opinions sitting at the table every week. Gwen IFill asked "Why is Herman Cain leading in the polls"? She received a great number of answers, all having to do with personality, realness, and likability. The messages we send out should be something that gets attention by peaking the curiosity of others. Herman Cain has been successful in doing so because Americans are tired of hearing political answers. That type of realness takes nothing away from what he has to offer professionally. His skill set and how he uses it to coundict business is another issue entirely. By using his personality and in a sense, a back yard approach, he has moved Rick Perry from his runner up Republican position. Everything was slowed down this week, and Jackie Calms really kept everyone focused, as she rambled off her views on President Obama's approach to finding solutions for Americans and creating policy that gain support in the Senate and Congress. A micro message is what Gwen IFill called President Obama's small chuck strategy. Brillance to me of course, since I have long ago realized the importance of being able to analyze information. The President is (without saying) showing his planning and organizational skills. To some it may seem (as Jackie Calms suggested) minor, but laughable it most certainly is not. Segmenting single issues will pay off for President Obama because it creates a point of focus admist the problems we all face daily and as a unified country. President Obama was elected because Americans related to him during his campaign back in 2008, and the only thing that has changed is that now he has more experience. For board coverage of people and politics check out Gwen IFill at the roundtable or the Webcast Extra