Okay I have washed the cake out of my mouth, and now the celebration leads me into the Pete Williams coverage where he is keeping Gwen IFill's seat warm round table on Washington Week. The focus was on Rick Perry who is the competing candidate for the Republican nomination. He experienced a brain freeze at the wrong time during a debate held recently when he could not remember the name of the third government office tht he would eliminate if elected President in 2012. There was certainly some sympathy for him around the table as John Harwood admitted that he himself had been in that situation before on television.

A few things came to mind when I first heard about the incident on the news. The first was preparation, the second was oration, and the last was planning. Being prepared means at a point there must be a go to plan B, if something goes wrong. Not only in politics but in life, things happen to throw us off course. Negative energy is out there and it is real. It is something you can feel. In all situations whenever possible just walk away and do not try to prove anything to these people who try to engage you in conversation. You know your own skills, knowledge, and ability. Your light is always brighter than you think, and that is why you attract these idiots. Do not indulge them and please never start to be like them. Avoid that at all cost. Who knows what he was feeling at that time, and I'm speaking from experience. Rick Perry couldn't just walk away, but he could have at least clearly noted his key talking points legibly. That way when he stumbled he could have came back in the moment or before the debate was over with an answer. Oration is not everyone's strong point. Former President Thomas Jefferson is known for being a terrible public speaker (among other things) and a tireless letter writer. Hey, this is the age of teleprompters you know, and this could have very well been a planned strategy. He knew going into this debate that he had fallen behind in the polls, and honestly sympathy from the American people can at least bring him back to the point of runner up. Getting people to talk about him again will also naje them consider what he could bring to the Oval Office. Competition is stiff out here for a Republican, so let him play up to the people as much as he can to gain leverage. He's going to need more than that 15 million or so in the bank in order to steal the Presidential Office from Obama. On planning, what does this fumble by Perry really say about his planning skills? Answer? A whole lot, if you ask most leaders.

Leadership is about finding your voice, but it is also about being able to methodically organize the path leading to objectives. There is talk about Rick Perry falling back from upcoming debates, but I'm scraming do over please. This is as far as I'll carry you in word this week. For more with seat warmer Pete Williams and all these other wonderful personalities in the spotlight this week, watch the webcast extra.  This has been a political mouthful. Are you still hungry?