In a report from Gwen IFill last week, Dan Balz mentioned cleverly how the tiebreaker between Republican choices would narrow and be decided by the results of the Iowa Caucus, identifying the strongest candidate for the front runner position among Republicans.  The round table with John Dickerson tied in and made me focus on how the Democratic Party will benefit form the divide between the Republican Party Candidates.  The fire of the conversation struck a cord of concern about leadership and how that could help Mitt Ramney and Rick Perry, who seem to be two steps ahead of Michele Bachmann everywhere else except Iowa.  Watch the video to see what you think is the meat of this conversation!


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Mitt Romney once predicted that President Obama would not carrry the state of Iowa, but he might also have trouble winning the state if he ends up fighting in the finish against Michele Bachmann. The Republican Primaries will be an interesting race to watch. That's what will really affect Obamas position more than the issue of leadership which is contrary to what David Wessel suggested as being a factor working against President Obama and ultimately the Democratic Party. Everyone wants high employment rates, but the focus has to shift to how we can each help to improve Americas deficit. Alexis Simendinger mentioned 1.2 trillion dollars as being the target reduction point. Let's zone in on doing something to reach that mark. The support and all the love shown to Michele Bachmann is sparking Sara Palin to surface for some attention as she appeared at the Iowa State Fair (footage shown above briefly) and the round table analyst speculated on the probability of her still entering the Presidential Race. Questionable attention to her entrance point wasn't a total surprise considering how she became the butt of the jokes performed by Tina Faye, during the previous Presidential Race in 2008. The breakdown is: if she enters before late September and actually contributes something to the debates that will happen earlier in the month, she will be seen as a more viable candidate capable of beating President Obama

 This is all fine and dandy, but what makes it even juicier and more interesting is that right now Obama is looking like dinner, and the Republicans are looking like a blood bath. What is making it so is the inclusion of strong charismatic women in the public eye. Bachmann in the Presidential Race is what helps draw in a lot of support. The result will be that votes will be taken away form the front runner male Republican candidates. In the end, Obama will appear to voters as the better choice for the 2012 Presidential Seat. The Tea Party helping the Democratic
Party?  What a good look at the big picture.  This has been a political mouthful!  Are you still hungry?