Away from the Washington Week Panel and into the mind of Gwen IFill as she gave a brainful on Herman Cain's political past concerning his support of Mitt Romney. Herman Cain's current day status is Republican Nominee contender, so is he a traitor or just a strategic opportunist? He could very well be labeled both for arguments sake, and how he comes off will make the difference one way or the other. Think legacy and political future. If done right, he will be remembered more for his accomplishments and potential political future. However, if he should waste these 15 minutes in the light (failing to spin his political bounce into something more) he will become extinct just like the Haagen--Dazs Black Walnut Ice Cream that he likens himself to in kind. Even more, his endorsement for Mitt Romney way back when could end up helping his opponent Romney gain more leverage against him in the race for the Republican top spot. Gwen IFill reminded everyone in "The Danger of Sweeping Conclusion that the spotlight tends to shift randomly. It's easy to see the logic of IFill's position. Tomorrow Mitt Romney could regain his shine quality, and I'm sure that Romney is feeling real secure; knowing that one of the guys in the fight has his back if a tag team competition presents itself. The sort of match up I'm referring to is concerning the flavor of the Republican Presidential Roster. If Romney so happens to beat out Herman Cain and his other opponents, will he choose his once Republican rival as the vice presidential pick just because he recalls Cains words "His business experience" proves "that he understood how to create jobs" or will he oust him for not staying on the bandwagon? The outcome will be something worth seeing either way.