Know when to walk away! From either side, it really is not a fold. Life goes on. The fall from glory is apparent and everyone knows it is real. On Washington Week, Herman Cain is all the talk the circumstances are clear accusations of misconduct from Cain allegedly of a sexual nature have sent his campaign into defensive mode. Now he must decide what is next for him on the campaign trial and in his political future. Anyone who is held in high esteem for any particular reason has a great responsibility to live up to moral standards that represents a code of conduct that genuine and lawful. The presence of an intolerable scandal is not what should be used to determine whether or not someone leaves a political race or any other non-healthy situation. All of the pros and cons should be weighed before reaching a decision. Who knows how the Herman Cain situation will play out?

What I do know for sure is that anytime someone falls from glory there probably will always exist a phase of reflection asking why. That's a natural progression when searching for answers. No one has to get sick over nothing, keeping your core values strong and weighing life experiences will help in finding solutions. No one has to get sick over a scandal, one way or the other. The breaking point arrives only from someone involved can not accept decisions or outcomes. One thing to remember is that when growth happens people tend to move into new situations, and there need not be a political scandal or an uprising serving as gateway to initiate that change, it just kind of happens. As human beings, we should be constantly making steps toward improvement.

Whatever the outcome (in the GOP) turns out to be, Obama seems to be throwing all his lightening toward Mitt Romney possibly believing that he will end up being the Republican opponent this 2012. Gwen IFill sort of suggested that all the flip-flop with Herman Cain is a bit confusing. Banks, bailouts, and Euro dollars was also discussed, and President Obamas political tactics to find the silver lining in a gradual upward swing in the job market was covered roundtable as all the panelist jumped in on the economy, political race, and what a Euro crash could mean here in the United States. The discussion when global too. This has been a political mouthful. Are you still hungry? To see for yourself how passionate and welcoming the environment was even with all the worldly chaos. Watch the the Webcast Extraand hear the panelist talk real politics.