As always the many personalities around the table had lots to talk, about and if you are more or less confused about who's side you're on for the 2012 Presidential Election, then you certainly had a chance to pick an issue that concerned you. Do you care about the balance of power in the UN (United Nations), education, immigration, or gay rights? I'm sorry, but how does the teacher choose to lead the class, when students are behaving badly. We can certainly learn from each other what not to do, and clearly the education issue put Rick Perry in the hot seat this past debate (as the highlights showed during the full show) for standing behind his choice to support educating everyone, even illegal aliens. Despite the fact that some may disagree with Perry's immigration stance, he appeared more compassionate than Mitt Romney on the subject, who attached like a vulture which probably is part of the reason Karen Tumulty mentioned how he appeared "sharper and more disciplined". Now the door is open for you to decide for yourself, but before you start to think Republican don't forget about Obama and the fact that the American Jobs Act is still on the table of stall. With that on your mind, watch these few minutes of the Webcast Extra and try to pick a topic that is important to you. Next, figure out how you will fight off passive attitudes and behaviors without getting a headache as you decide. Peep the footage please.

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I suggest that if you do nothing more than send out an email to your congressman that will put you on the right path, somewhere  far away from apathetic behavior, and it will let our leaders know how you feel about the American Jobs Act or some other issue that has you fired up. The fact of the matter is, now it's becoming clear that the Republican fight (as Gwen IFill suggested) is between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. The political narrowing of the competition leaves me feeling less overwhelmed. Now at least President Obama supporters can strategize on how to express their own "class warfare language even though Christi Parsons said the like "will lead no where". I beg to differ because anytime you care enough about something, the chance that you will be heard is magnified. The reward is when your vision shows itself in the voices of your supporters, and the unity is built to take on adversaries.

John Harwood shined at the table, and I especially loved it when he made it a point to mention approval ratings and winning the Presidential Race where President Obama is concerned. All I know is that the show down is coming closer, and the Democratic and Republican face off is almost here. This has been a political mouthful. Are you still hungry? If you are, check out the full show here and see why Susan Davis said "no one is going to come out a winner" if a government shut down happens.