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The Tangled Web of Break Up *ex

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, September 17, 2011, In : Advisor 

We gave you alternative break up routines and we used your favorite binge food to do it. Now we want to admonish with examples of what unhealthy behavior can birth. Life after a break up is much different than what you knew of when you were a significant other. Sometimes the bond between two people is still not completely broken, even when they have separated. Emotions may still be going crazy, and the thought of a sighting shifts your mood one way or the other. Good or bad feelings are natur...

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Change Your Ice Cream Break up Binge

Posted by Nicole K. on Saturday, August 27, 2011, In : Travel 
It's no surprise that all to often ice cream is the break up comfort food of choice when things go wrong and relationships end abruptly.  We'll variety never hurt anybody and I'm not talking Neapolitan either!  How about nothing in a bowl, and out of your favorite slippers for a little trip.  The ice cream binge is dead, and an alternative course takes you down a path leading to everything diary.  What?  Let me share an idea for a good time.  Instead of staying home feeling sorry for yourself...
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