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From Hot Oil to Smooth Gold Bond Ribbons Lotion(s)

Posted by Nicole K. on Monday, November 14, 2011, In : Skin 

Sounds delicious, if I ever heeard anything that made me crave chocolate cake and whipped topping, yum is my immediate reaction. Desert aside, I'm thinking in terms of relaxation, bonding, and smooth skin. Alleviating dryness especially during the cold winter months is key, and that's only one part of why I suggest using the new silky smooth Gold Bond Ribbons Body Lotion. One other option is I want you to consider is substitution. Think in terms of a routine massage given using this very inno...

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Dermatologist Tips: Forgetting Uneven Skintone

Posted by Nicole K. on Sunday, August 21, 2011, In : Reviews 
Uneven skin-tone is not a problem occurring only on the face.  Skin-tone differences on other areas of the human body are also common.  On the arms, the inner arm is usually lighter than the forearm.  The chest and abdominal area of the body is lighter and easily distinguishable from other parts of the body like the legs which are exposed to more sunlight.  Areas of the body exposed to more sunlight naturally appear darker, and are more prone to discoloration.  Darker skin on the neck can ind...
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